Fashion Revolution Week 2023 | Actioning real progress around Sustainable Fashion

Fashion Revolution Week 2023 | Actioning real progress around Sustainable Fashion

Fashion Revolution Day / Week is an opportunity for brands, retailers, customers and all fashion enthusiasts alike to come together to shape the future direction of this industry, through utilizing our voice, influence and social media presence to encourage discussions on promoting sustainable and transparent practices in the fashion industry. 
This year, the focus of the Fashion Revolution campaign is focussed on Actioning real progress around sustainable fashion.
This year's Fashion Revolution manifesto reads, "We believe that, while fashion has a colossal negative impact, it also has the power and the potential to be a force for change."
As a brand that was built on a strong foundation of sustainability related values, these concepts resonate with us at Mendes Ceylon in more ways than one. Since inception, we have been committed to actioning our sustainability related goals, be it through promoting a conscious wardrobe, which is still a novel concept to Sri Lanka, or being cautious about only using vegan and animal  / cruelty free textiles in our supply chains.

We are also committed to giving back to Sri Lanka’s artisan community and carrying forward Sri Lanka’s craft legacy. We do this through including batik and handwoven elements in our designs, which make it possible for us to give work to artisan communities in Sri Lanka, who are incredibly skilled in Sri Lankan handicrafts which are loved and celebrated globally.

The "Think Global, Act Local" ideology is a vital part of this year's Fashion Revolution manifesto and resonates with the concept of using fashion's power and potential to drive positive change.

Our work with the artisans not only provide them with incomes and livelihoods, but take Sri Lankan craft and design aesthetics to a much needed global platform expanding horizons for Sri Lanka’s creative potential. 

With our recent collaboration with SLYCAN trust and EthicalX, we are aiming higher in our sustainability goals. 

Here's to breaking into new grounds of sustainable fashion and maximizing its full potential to be a force for good! 

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